We have traveled the world and our international team is strongly familiar with the areal special features and advantages. 

​Whether it was the snowy and rural, open plains of Lapland, lush location houses in Beverly Hills, lyrical streets of London, or the hidden paradises of South East Asia - we will take care of the whole production process of shooting in a location hassle-free, even with the most challenging circumstances.

From scouting the locations to taking into account the required permits. Acknowledging the areal special features and sorting out even demanding logistics, you can definitely trust that your shoot will be handled smoothly and hassle-free, always with the highest dedication from the beginning till the end. 

​We specialise in scouting locations around Europe, US and Asia, but our extensive connections around the globe will ensure that we can take care of inquiries around every continent and even at out of the box locations.

Countries we've worked in: 

Australia, Austria, China, Estonia, Finland, France, Hong Kong, Iceland, Italy, Morocco, Poland, Spain, Thailand, United Arab Emirates, United States & Vietnam.


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